The Cross of Christ: The Center of Scripture, Your Life and Ministry - PDF

The Cross of Christ

John E. Best, ThD.

What Does the Cross of Christ Mean to You?

If you are like the Christian business man whose story is a part of the book, the cross of Christ can mean a lot more to you than it does now.This book will show how life transforming the cross can be. In addition, John Best will describe how the cross is central throughout the Bible. You will learn why Christ’s cross deserves to be central in your Christian walk and ministry. The author has been teaching on the centrality of the cross for a decade and working on this book for almost that long.

More about this book:

If you have been wondering why the Church has so little transforming effect on the world and why it (and maybe you) can be so superficial, this book has the answer. Little effect comes from our superficiality and our superficiality is because we have gotten off center, we have lost our focus on what God says is all important.

God has made the cross of Christ the center of the Bible. It is foreshadowed in the Hebrew Scriptures. In both pictures and prophecies the Old Testament looks forward to the cross. The book lists these predictions. Then I explain how Jesus Christ made it crystal clear in the four Gospels that His main purpose was to die and be raised from the dead for us. The Acts of the Apostles records many instances of the preaching of the cross and the resurrection, so Jesus’ focus on these is continued there.

The writings of Paul also center on the cross. I survey many of these and then dwell on three passages where he was especially specific on the centrality of the cross. Then I explain how the cross of Christ can become the center of your life for both salvation and sanctification (growth in holy living).

The final big section of the book points the way to keeping the cross of Christ central in our lives and ministries. I warn that His cross can slip out of a central place and then develop how this can happen so that we can be on the alert.

The book concludes with an extensive annotated bibliography. In it I give my evaluation of the many exchanged life books that are currently in print. I list and comment on general books, interactive and group study books, devotional books, biographies, and Bible expositions. Because it has over three dozen books and takes the time to discuss what I think are their strengths and weaknesses, I know of nothing else quite like it in lists of books on our union with Christ.

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