Who Cares Who I Am? Who Cares What My Needs & Problems Are?

There is only One Being in the universe Who completely cares about who you are, can supply your needs and work through your problems.

That Being is God.

This booklet will show you that He has done far more than you realize to prove this to you.

Have you concluded by this time in your life that you don’t need a superficial, oversimplified view of yourself and a shallow answer to your needs and problems?

If you are at this deeper point,

read on . . . (p. 2)

God created you “in His own image”and He is essentially a spirit being.

Therefore we can say:

You are most deeply a spirit being, who uses your unique personality (soul), who lives in a body.

You have been beautifully and exquisitely designed by your Creator because He loves you . . . (p. 7)

Adam and Eve, the first man and woman and your most distant parents, decided to separate themselves from God and died spiritually in doing so. This death was passed on to each of us. In this sense, in your natural state, you are not an integrated person. You are out of harmony within yourself and with God.

Because you started life “dead” in your core identity, all you knew to do as you grew up was to rely on your own resourcefulness and the resources of others. This is pictured by the word “flesh.” . . . (pp. 8, 9)

God provided a way to deal with all about you and me that He could not stand in His holy presence. He sent Jesus, His Son, to this planet to rescue you from your “dead-to-Him” condition by putting His life into you, but you must decide to receive Him as life-giver and as the payment for your

sins! . . . (p. 10)

You may have had many rejections and traumatic experiences from your family, others or other circumstances. If so, God deeply cares about this and knows that these probably deeply affected how you think, feel, and make decisions. You most likely have some distortions in your mind. You may think God is distant and uncaring, that you deserve the trouble you’ve had, and that others are out to get you or at least could not possibly really love you unconditionally.

In either case, you have been profoundly affected by these in how you think, feel, and make decisions . . . (p. 14)

The Really Good News

God loves both His positively and negatively influenced children enough to do whatever it takes to reveal the futility of the flesh so that you will be ready to exchange self-dependence for Christ’s life . . . (p. 17)

As you have thought this way, your emotions have followed along . . .

Your choices with your will are to depend upon your own resourcefulness or that of others, to chase after escapes, or just to give up. All of these are choices to deal with your needs, hurts and problems as if God was dead or at least too sick or too unconcerned to make a difference! . . . (pp. 12, 13)

You may have had many positive experiences and few rejections from your family, others and your circumstances. Or you may have started out in life with negative influences but have learned to substitute positive thoughts, attitudes and actions for the negative ones.

So instead of you being the center of your life with your self pity and coping or your self reliance and superiority, Christ gives you His victorious life. The Lord Jesus willlive His life through you and will do far more than you can conceive of or ask Him for by His “power that works in

you!” . . . (p. 19)

When you put faith alone in Christ alone to be your Savior, God put you into Christ’s life. This was both a transfer and a transformation! So God caused you to change families. But even more, you became a part of Christ’s life! . . . (p. 28)

So it is no problem for God to plug you into any part of Christ’s life story. He tells us He did so when He united you to Christ’s death on the cross! “Knowing this, that our old man [our spirit identity in Adam] was crucified with Him.” . . . (p. 29)

When you are sick enough of your flesh and turn to the Lord Jesus as your reigning king and source of power, a revolution begins:

He takes all things and works them for the good purpose of fashioning you to be like Him! . . . (p. 19)

You have a choice: You can continue to live in your strength, trying to meet your needs from

your own and others’

resources, trying to handle your problems solo, OR you can give up on all these fleshly self efforts because you take God’s view of them. Turning then from the tyranny of your own flesh, you can turn in faith to Jesus as your life . . . (pp. 32, 33)


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God, through our partaking of Christ’s life, made us new spiritual beings in the new birth, as He raised us with Christ. We became new people (“the new man”) with a new method and power to live life from the inside out! Superficial ways of meeting needs and dealing with problems try to go the other direction. But God’s way is far better: Christ within, living His life out through your personality and body . . . (pp. 30, 31)