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I am excited to offer several books to you which I have not authored. These are not typical run-of-the-mill books on our union with Christ, but are ones which I consider having a unique and significant potential impact.

As you would conclude from looking at this website, our main emphasis has been to inform you of the books and recordings that I, John Best, want to make available to you. So you can be sure that these books by other authors are ones that explain very well the exchanged life. All of the books listed reflect a lot of research.

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Many of us have wondered if there is a book that we can give to our pastor that will share the message of Christ as life that is on a level that a pastor can connect with. The book we are featuring is that kind of book because it has first person accounts of over 36 fellow pastors themselves and leaders of other Christian organizations.

The similar thread that each of these stories has is this: through being made teachable, often through brokenness and hard situations, Christians leaders like myself have found that the facts of the Bible have come alive in a personal way (my story is also in this book). These pastors and Christians leaders thus will convey to your pastor that they are coming from a similar situation as he is.

Each of them tells of how their ministry has been effected as the leader's own life has been transformed and empowered.

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Man As Spirit, Soul, and Body by John B. Woodward

Are you simply a physical person? Do you have a non material part to you, do you have a soul? More than that, do you have a spirit? Are there problems with confusing your personality (soul) and your spirit? In what way are you spiritually higher than animals? What difference does it make to understand the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of you and others? This important book addresses such issues which are fundamental to you and to psychology and counseling.

There is much more in the Bible on this subject than just the well-known passage,

1 Thessalonians 5:23-24.

In this book, John Woodward teaches the distinct character of the human spirit. His writing is scholarly and technical without being stuffy and difficult to read. Dr. Woodward traces the concept of spirit and soul through biblical and church history. He also presents alternative views and answers objections. In addition, Woodward demonstrates the importance and the use of the biblical truth of the human spirit to helping and counseling others. I, John Best, highly recommend this book above all others on this subject.

For many years we sold this wonderful book. It was one of the most popular books. Although we no longer can sell the book through our website, we are delighted that the book is now available again.

It is now available on as a paperback book or as a kindle ebook.

It is a wonderful, practical exposition of Romans 6:1-14, one of the best chapters in the whole Bible on how we can, because of our new identity in Christ, have victory over temptation to sin.