The Good News of the New Covenant: Law Has Been Transcended by Grace

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Don't let this lofty title intimidate you. This book is a gem of powerful insight into the ways and purposes of God for your life.

Walk into the pages of God’s ancient and Old Covenant commandments as He shows you your desperate need for a Savior. Then walk into the promises of His New Covenant of grace as He fills you with abundant life and true fellowship. You will be enabled to differentiate between the teachings of Law and teachings of grace throughout the entire Bible, and that will bring God's transforming renewal to your mind, just like He promised.

You will see how knowing that the New Covenant was established at the death of Christ, not at his birth, gives you a powerful tool in understanding some of the teachings of Jesus. Passages of Scripture that have seemed difficult to apply to you will become clearer. Most of us think God's purpose is for us to keep the Old Covenant commandments more perfectly now that Christ is living in us. But that's law. That's not grace.

The new expanded Fourth Edition of the book has two more chapters:

"Do you really want to be under the Ten Commandments or even The Sermon on the Mount? “It is so sad that some Gentiles and Jews who are believers in Christ think that they are under the Mosaic Law but they aren't because they are in the New Covenant. The first part of this new chapter will demonstrate why that is true and warn about the death penalties for violating almost all of the Ten Commandments.

The second section of this new chapter will explain probably more than you've ever heard before that at least some of The Sermon on the Mount is law with stiffer penalties than the Ten Commandments! It will also explain that some of the sermon is grace and all of the sermon has principles in it for all of us.

The second new chapter in this expanded edition is about "The Great New Commandment of Christ" that we love one another even as Jesus has loved us. The value of obeying this grace commandment is not only for us but for other people who will learn that we are His disciples by our love for one another.

In addition to clarifying law and grace issues, the book will show the implications that these have for the Lord's Supper, living truly under the grace system, avoiding sin, and preoccupation with Christ alone.

Discover God's perfect design of grace for you now by reading The Good News of the New Covenant!

More about this book.

What is our relationship to the Law, if we are born again believers of Jesus Christ? This book is dedicated to answering this important question. After establishing that the Law of God is good, I show from Scripture that it was never intended to make us right with God, but rather its purpose is to lead us to Christ for salvation and sanctification.

The Old Covenant is identified as the whole Law given through Moses. The New Covenant, which is the new agreement of God with His people, is based on grace.

The book shows how the New Covenant superseded the Old at the cross of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The two covenants are not in force at the same time, so believers are now only in the New Covenant and relate to God in grace. This means that God blesses us solely on the basis of our being in Christ not because of any behavior or merit of our own.

The book will give you an important key for distinguishing law from grace in the Bible, including the teachings of Christ. This is an enlightening tool for understanding some of the puzzling things that Jesus taught. As a result these passages of Scripture will become clearer. Our being in the New Covenant, being under grace and not law has several ramifications and implications for us. These are explained at the end of the book. They include these topics: making the Lord's supper a celebration of more than Jesus dying to forgive our sins; living truly under the grace system; avoiding sin in our lives by knowing that our true identity under grace is that we are ones who have died to sin and are alive to God through our union with Christ at the cross and in resurrection; being preoccupied with Christ not with rules; seeing the errors of the “Prosperity Gospel” and forms of it that are not usually called it; the gift of righteousness resulting in our acceptable new identity; and motivation and rewards for our service.

I taught from an earlier edition of this book about a half a dozen times in the last few years, asking for feedback. I also got a lot of revision ideas from a group of four editors. This resulted in a change of title, some chapters and a new and expanded edition!

This book will be eye opening and helpful to you.

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