Romans 5--8:16 Commentary and Study Notes

By John E. Best, ThD.

This passage of Scripture is the most basic and extensive development of the spiritual life in the whole Bible.

Romans 5 assures us that God is not only enough for our justification, He as well shows us His love in the cross of Christ. He draws a great contrast between the two men in whom all people are: Adam or Christ.

In Romans 6 we learn of our new identity coming from our union with Christ in His death and resurrection. Based on this new identity I show how you can live in victory over temptation.

The seventh chapter of Romans declares that we have died with Christ to the Law and then describes the defeat we are surely to experience if we try to make the law the foundation of our Christian lives.

Romans 8 tells us of the power of the Holy Spirit, and how nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

The study notes have extensive commentary on Romans 5, the first half of Romans 6 and then outlines and interpretation helps for the rest of the passage. For much more detail on Romans 8:1-17 purchase my book

God's Spirit in You for Power & Intimacy: Romans 8:1-17.

More about this book:

Most Christians live in spiritual poverty because they do not know what is theirs in Christ. Romans 5–8 describes these riches. I have endeavored to tell of these in a careful yet practical treatment of this, the most extensive passage of Scripture on how the Christian life is to be lived. I think of Romans 5–8 as the greatest part of the greatest epistle ever written.

This magnificent passage can have a great impact on you for your good and God’s glory! I not only explain the biblical text, I also give illustrations, diagrams and charts. I quote others and have extensive references to helpful material. At points I am technical, as needed, but not at the expense of the personal.

The description above applies mostly to my dealing with Romans 5 and 6:1-14. It could be called an exposition. The title Study Notes” applies to the rest of the material. Nevertheless, my treatment of Romans 6:15–8:16 does have much helpful material in it with outlines, interpretive notes and some suggested solutions to problem passages. There is also a lot of material on law and grace (10 pages) at the end of the section on Romans 7.

My comments on Romans 8:1-16 are light. However I have dealt with this passage much more extensively in my other book,

Romans 8:1-17, God's Spirit in You for Power and Intimacy. It is also listed on this website.

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