Resolving Misunderstandings of the Exchanged Life, Revised & Expanded Second Edition

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Maybe you've had some things that have puzzled you about the teaching that we who believe in Christ have been brought into a union with Him that changes our spiritual identity and gives us the opportunity to have Christ live through us. Or maybe you've talked about this doctrine to others, and they have misunderstood what you were saying.

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This book describes fifteen of the most common misunderstandings of the Christ centered life and gives answers to these difficulties. You don't have to let perceived problems with this freeing and empowering message keep you from the benefits of walking with Christ. Let this practical volume resolve these problems.

More about this book:

Over the years I have received numerous questions about the message of the exchanged life, the teachings about a believer’s spiritual union with Christ and how he can bring us into further depth in our Christian walk. I have discovered that many of these questions are the result of misunderstandings of what is being taught or false assumptions coming from the questioner taking that teaching beyond what exchanged life teachers are saying. Sometimes there are real differences of opinion

To many believers in Christ the message is a new one, as it goes beyond forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven to an actual change in our spiritual identity and relationship with God that is dependent, intimate and empowering. This new message may contradict some of what many believers have been taught. These people, quite understandably, have sincere questions about the exchanged life. Others who are comfortable remaining “lukewarm” or legalistic will find this message difficult to accept.

Whatever the reason for the criticism, questioning or misunderstanding, this book is designed to address some of the more prominent issues.

Get this book if you would like to get an answer to these questions:

      • What is the exchanged life?

      • Are we to be passive?

      • Does spiritual union mean we become gods?

      • Can believers be sinless?

      • Are we responsible for sin?

      • Should we die to our emotions?

      • Are we helpless to experience Christ's life?

      • Is positional truth real?

      • Can there be diversity within man's unity?

      • Do all problems disappear?

      • Has psychological influence crept in?

      • Is there adequate counselor training?

Revised and Expanded Second Edition: This update has four more misunderstandings and resolutions than the First Edition. It also adds handy Bible-sized reminder summaries that you can carry with you.

This expanded and improved edition includes four new chapters which answer these questions:

    • How Many Natures Does a Christian Have?

    • Can There Be Total Freedom and Victory?

    • Shouldn’t Grace Be Balanced With Law?

    • Is There Really a Distinct Human Spirit?

The book concludes with an insightful postlude by Bill Gillham.

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