How to Interpret the Bible by Grace

Why do I struggle to read the Bible and often find it so hard to understand?

Why do I have the hunger to delve deeper into knowing and understanding

God and His Word only to find it sometimes frustratingly difficult?

This book can help you start the journey of reading your Bible with far more joy and meaning because it dispels the myths that hold you back,real life understanding to His Word.

Fourth Expanded Research Edition

by John E. Best, ThD

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It includes several insightful prayers that can transform your attitude towards God's Word. This insight can open your heart more fully to the Spirit's ability to teach you. It also shares over a dozen progressive steps to help you more “accurately handle the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

There is an important section on learning the difference between law and grace and how that influences your interpretation of the Scriptures. Helpful suggestions are given on Bible reference books and commentaries. I have expanded this important book to include "how to do it" ideas for doing your own Bible word study.

Revised as I benefited from teaching classes and helpful suggestions from a group of four editors. This is the new and improved edition!

More about this book:

The highest motivation for the study of the Bible is to clearly and deeply know God! Even with this potential, many Christians never study their Bibles. This book deals with three myths these Christians may be believing and explains why they are invalid.

At the beginning of many guidelines in the book is a section on looking at the Scripture through the “lens” of grace and to be looking for Christ and the cross. These instructions were put first to reflect their importance. A great emphasis is also put on the personal attitudes we should have in approaching the study of God's Word. These attitudes are in keeping with each believer's union with Christ. Then a step-by-step procedure for understanding a passage is given with examples and instructions included as needed.

There is a helpful section explaining the difference between the Old and the New Covenants. This distinction is shown to be crucial in our clearly seeing whether law or grace is being taught in a particular part of the Bible. There are many books on Bible study methods, but I think this section of my new book blazes a new trail by having more of an emphasis upon grace than any other Bible study methods book that I am aware of.

Many of the words in the Greek text of the New Testament are full of meaning. Sometimes I am asked by people who do not know the Greek language how to find out what a word means in Greek. If you have wanted to do this, this new chapter will help you to do so by giving you several strategies and describing the use of various significant reference tools. Several pages are given to Bible reference books and commentaries. Helpful points are included on the purchasing and careful use of commentaries.

“Is Greek for you?” is answered by showing how a regular teacher of the Bible could benefit from a basic knowledge of Greek, the language that the New Testament was written in .John draws upon over 40 years in the Greek New Testament and 13 years of teaching Greek to give you specific benefits are and tools that are available to those who know at least a little Greek are listed and explained: dictionaries, concordances, and word guides.

No matter what level you want to study the Scriptures, How to Interpret the Bible by Grace will be a help to you.

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