God's Spirit in You for Power & Intimacy: Romans 8:1-17

by John E. Best, Thd

Romans 8:1-17

Most Christians do not know what is really theirs! They live in self imposed poverty, begging the Lord to give them what they unknowingly possess.

In this book I'll show you what is yours in Romans 8:1-17. This beautiful passage contains the keys to experiencing God's power and to enjoying intimacy with Him. I can say with confidence that God alone can fully meet our human inner needs. We experience this as we rest in and set our minds on God and the union we have been given with Him.

More about this book:

This wonderful passage does tell us a lot about the power of the Holy Spirit in us and how He leads us into intimacy with God. The Lord’s supply of adequacy and love meets two of our deepest needs. It was my honor to show this in my exposition of Romans 8:1-17. I developed this in a style I call “outlineoprose.” I made up this word to describe how I’ve put my understanding of the passage into outline form to show its organization but put a lot of explanation and illustration in prose form under the outline points to give a fuller treatment than an outline alone would do. I’ve attempted to make my dealing with the text as practical as possible but have not avoided technical matters where they were relevant to understanding. Key concepts are highlighted in special boxes in the text.

Quotations and references to the work of others have been included when I thought they would be beneficial but most of the material is what the Lord gave me personally as I studied the text. At the end of the book is a large chart of the big ideas and the key interpretations and applications. This chart brings together the concepts throughout the passage. I think that by the time you have studied this passage with me you will be able to say with confidence that God can bring us into an awareness that He has already met our needs for power and intimacy as we rest in and set our minds on Him and our union with Christ.

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