Exchanged Lives!

Exchanged Lives!

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by John E. Best, ThD

Stories by people in deep ruts and darkness and the Sonshine God brought to them! The testimonies in this book are the stories of 31 individuals who have experienced by faith what God has already provided for them in Christ. These people once were in life-long ruts. From their perspective there was no possible escape, unless what we had to share with them would work.

Read in this book the stories of their dilemmas and deliverance.

Exchanged Lives! gives both sides of the union with Christ truths: our new identity through our spiritual death and resurrection with Christ (the “in Christ” side) and power for living through the present indwelling of the life of Christ (the “Christ in you” side). To make this as clear as possible, before I give any of the people’s stories, I have a short section specifically answering “What is the exchanged life?”

More about this book:

Most of the people who tell their stories are not well known; they are common folks like you and me. The encouraging feature of their stories is that they show that neither the severity of our problems nor our lack of great ability can hinder God from doing great things in us. Some of you might recognize Lee LeFebre, Bill Loveless, Dick Flaten, John and Carolyn Best, Mike Quarles or maybe some present or former Operation 220 staff members. But whether you recognize anyone or not, their stories will give you hope in Christ. Operation 220 is the same ministry as Exchanged Life Ministries Texas only by an updated name.

The chapters are organized to enable you to find the help you need: “Appropriating the exchanged life” (11 stories), Living the exchanged life” (7 stories), “the exchanged life and specific problem areas” with subcategories on abuse, alcoholism, anger, eating disorders, homosexuality, marriage and divorce, sexual addiction, and suicide (1 to 3 stories on each of these topics). The book also has a helpful topical index. There is a beneficial section of "opportunities to discover more." It can point you to even more resources for you advancing more through groups, books and/or personal Christ centered, Bible based pastoral counseling. Much updating has been done on contacts, phones and websites.

So if you want to read what a vital relationship with Christ can do in your life told by over 30 people in their own words, Exchanged Lives! is for you.

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