by John Best

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In What Order Should I Read the Books?

If you are a newcomer to the concepts of our union with Christ and "the exchanged life," here is the order

that I think would be most beneficial to you:

  1. Who Cares Who I Am? Who Cares What My Needs and Problems Are?

  2. The Cross of Christ: The Center of Scripture, Your Life and Ministry

  3. Exchanged Lives!

  4. Resolving Misunderstandings of the Exchanged Life

  5. When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?

  6. Exploring the Treasure of Your New Human Spirit

  7. The Good News of the New Covenant: Law Has Been Transcended by Grace

  8. Man as Spirit, Soul, and Body by John Woodward

  9. Romans 5--8:16 Commentary and Study Notes

  10. God's Spirit in You for Power & Intimacy: Romans 8:1-17

  11. How to Interpret the Bible by Grace

  12. Exchanged Life Books

At What Level Are the Books Pitched?

Two of the books are simple (Who Cares Who I Am . . . My Needs and Problems?, Exchanged Lives! see below) and parts of other books are also basic. However, I have made no effort to keep all of them so. This is because other great teachers, Bill and Anabel Gillham, Charles Solomon, and Ian Thomas have carefully laid the foundation for the exchanged life message (see my annotated bibliography of thirty-five books in the back of The Cross of Christ). Using my unique training and gifts, God is using me to build on that excellent foundation. I agree with C.S. Lewis who said that the ordinary reader is not a fool or a child. Instead of treating him or her as such, we should give the clearest and most accurate ideas about God as possible (paraphrased from Mere Christianity, page 135).

My passion is, while maintaining the basic essentials, to not avoid the harder and troublesome issues (Resolving Misunderstandings of the Exchanged Life, The Good News of the New Covenant: Law Has Been Transcended by Grace and When Is Christ Being Seen in Us? and Exploring the Treasure of Your New Human Spirit).

I want these books to be resources for those of you who want to grow in walking with Christ as life and who would benefit from a treatment that argues the case and provides documentation. Thus you'll find many footnotes in my books and helpful topical and Scripture indices in a growing number of the books (The Cross of Christ, When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?, Romans 5--8:16 Commentary and Study Notes and the sequel Romans 8:1-17: God's Spirit in You for Power and Intimacy). My how-to-do-it book (How to Interpret the Bible by Grace) also points you to a way to tell Law from grace and describes many resources for understanding the Bible better.

Do not assume that my writing is mainly academic, dry or unrelated to your life. I hope the books are exciting, practical and will challenge you to think and live more thoughtfully and biblically.


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What Does the Cross of Christ Mean to You?

If you are like the Christian business man whose story is a part of the book, the cross of Christ can mean a lot more to you than it does now.

This book will show how life transforming the cross can be.

In addition, John Best will describe how the cross is central throughout the Bible. You will learn why Christ’s cross deserves to be central in your Christian walk and ministry.

The author has been teaching on the centrality of the cross for a decade and working on this book for almost that long.

In the back of this book there are helpful topic and Scripture indices. The expanded and notated bibliography will give you data and evaluations of dozens of other books on the cross of Christ and our union with Him.

This pivotal book includes a brand-new study guide at the end. The fifty-page, twelve lesson study guide provides a tool for more in depth examination of the truths being shared in this life-changing book.

The study guide can also be purchased as a separate item for $7.00

Updated July 2020

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Exchanged Life Books Annotated Bibliography

This one of a kind resource provides an extensive compilation of exchanged life books focusing on our spiritual union with Christ. In it I give my evaluation of the many exchanged life books that are currently in print. I list and comment on general books, interactive and group study books, devotional books, biographies, and Bible expositions.

Because it has over forty-five books and takes the time to discuss what I think are their strengths and weaknesses, I know of nothing else quite like it in lists of books on our union with Christ.

If you desire to grow in the truths of Christ as our life and want to know more about the books dedicated to communicating this life-changing message, this resource is for you!

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Exchanged Lives!

Stories of people in deep ruts and darkness and the Sonrise God brought to them.

The testimonies in this booklet are the stories of 31 individuals who have experienced by faith what God has already provided for them in Christ.

These people once were in life-long ruts. From their perspective there was no possible escape, unless what we had to share with them would work.

Read in this book the stories of their dilemmas and deliverance. You will learn a lot in these stories for yourself as well.

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Exploring the Treasure of Your New Human Spirit

This book will lead you to look deeply into your new human spirit. You will find many discoveries there. Best of all, you will learn how to live confidently and meaningfully day by day out of the treasure of your new human spirit.

This new book is the result of almost two decades of teaching and several years of research, writing and editing.

It is my longest, most in depth and documented book.

What if you could embrace a relationship with Christ that would increase your zeal for knowing God firsthand in His Word?

What if you could find a strength “beyond” yourself that comes from God’s life within your spirit? What if your walk could be made consistent with who you are, resulting in freedom from addiction to entertainment and accumulations? What if your moral life could be lifted high above the culture, not by the threat of legalism but by the thrill of pleasing God? What if you were so filled with the love and life of Christ that He overflowed to unbelievers in a winsome way? All of this and more is not an empty dream. It could be reality for you. There is hope! I wrote this book to show you the way!

"It is truly a message from our Lord through you."

“When reading from the book, how my heart burns within me.”

“It is a book of theology, of biblical anthropology, of practical application.”

“You brought clarity that I wish I had early in my own spiritual Journey.”

“I plan to recommend it at our conferences and use it as required reading for all our staff and trainees at the Fold.”

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God's Spirit in You for Power & Intimacy: Romans 8:1-17

Most Christians do not know what is really theirs! They live in self imposed poverty, begging the Lord to give them what they unknowingly possess.

In this book I'll show you what is yours in Romans 8:1-17. This beautiful passage contains the keys to experiencing God's power and to enjoying intimacy with Him.

I can say with confidence that God alone can fully meet our human inner needs. We experience this as we rest in and set our minds on God and the union we have been given with Him.

The Good News of the New Covenant: Law Has Been Transcended by Grace

The Good News of the New Covenant: Law Has Been Transcended by Grace

Don't let this lofty title intimidate you. This book is a gem of powerful insights into the ways and purposes of God for your life.

Walk into the pages of God’s ancient and Old Covenant commandments as He shows you your desperate need for a Savior. Then walk into the promises of His New Covenant of grace as He fills you with abundant life and true fellowship. Ultimately you will be enabled to differentiate between the teachings of Law and teachings of grace throughout the entire Bible, and that will bring God's transforming renewal to your mind, just like He promised.

You will see how knowing that the New Covenant was established at the death of Christ, not at his birth, gives you a powerful tool in understanding some of the teachings of Jesus. Passages of Scripture that have seemed difficult to apply to you will become clearer. Most of us think God's purpose is for us to keep the Old Covenant commandments more perfectly now that Christ is living in us.

But that's law. That's not grace.

The new expanded Fourth Edition of the book has two more chapters:

"Do you really want to be under the Ten Commandments or even The Sermon on the Mount? “It is so sad that some Gentiles and Jews who are believers in Christ think that they are under the Mosaic Law but they aren't because they are in the New Covenant. The first part of this new chapter will demonstrate why that is true and warn about the death penalties for violating almost all of the Ten Commandments.

The second section of this new chapter will explain probably more than you've ever heard before that at least some of The Sermon on the Mount is law with stiffer penalties than the Ten Commandments! It will also explain that some of the sermon is grace and all of the sermon has principles in it for all of us.

The second new chapter in this expanded edition is about "The Great New Commandment of Christ" that we love one another even as Jesus has loved us. The value of obeying this grace commandment is not only for us but for other people who will learn that we are His disciples by our love for one another.

In addition to clarifying law and grace issues, the book will show the implications that these have for the Lord's Supper, living truly under the grace system, avoiding sin, and preoccupation with Christ alone. Discover God's perfect design of grace for you now by reading The Good News of the New Covenant.

Revised, expanded and improved from feedback from students and four editors.

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The new name for this book is:

"How to Know and Enjoy the Bible by Grace"

How to Interpret the Bible by Grace-- New Name "How to Know and Enjoy the Bible by Grace"

Fourth Expanded Research Edition

Why do I struggle to read the Bible and often find it so hard to understand? Why do I have the hunger to delve deeper into knowing and understanding God and His Word only to find it sometimes frustratingly difficult?

This book can help you start the journey of reading your Bible with far more joy and meaning because it dispels the myths that hold you back, and it equips you with sound practical principles of Bible study that bring real life understanding to His Word.

It includes several insightful prayers that can transform your attitude towards God's Word. This insight can open your heart more fully to the Spirit's ability to teach you. It also shares over a dozen progressive steps to help you more “accurately handle the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

There is an importansection on learning the difference between law and grace and how that influences your interpretation of the Scriptures. Helpful suggestions are given on Bible reference books and commentaries.

I have expanded this important book to include "how to do it" ideas for doing your own Bible word study. Many of the words in the Greek text of the New Testament are full of meaning. Sometimes I am asked by people who do not know the Greek language how to find out what a word means in Greek. If you have wanted to do this, this new chapter will help you to do so by giving you several strategies and describing the use of various significant reference tools.

Newly revised and improved after field testing with classes.

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Price $17.00

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Resolving Misunderstandings of the Exchanged Life

Maybe you've had some things that have puzzled you about the teaching that we who believe in Christ have been brought into a union with Him that changes our spiritual identity and gives us the opportunity to have Christ live through us.

Or maybe you've talked about this doctrine to others, and they have misunderstood what you were saying.

This book describes fifteen of the most common misunderstandings of the Christ centered life and gives answers to these difficulties. You don't have to let perceived problems with this freeing and empowering message keep you from the benefits of walking with Christ. Let this practical volume resolve these problems.

The new chapters in the Revised & Expanded 2nd Edition are “How Many Natures Does a Christian Have?” “Can There Be Total Freedom and Victory?” “Shouldn’t Grace Be Balanced With Law?” “Is There Really a Distinct Human Spirit?” plus eleven chapters from the First Edition

Price $22.00

Romans 5--8:16 Commentary and Study Notes

This passage of Scripture is the most basic and extensive development of the spiritual life in the whole Bible.

Romans 5 assures us that God is not only enough for our justification, He as well shows us His love in the cross of Christ. He draws a great contrast between the two men in whom all people are: Adam or Christ.

In Romans 6 we learn of our new identity coming from our union with Christ in His death and resurrection. Based on this new identity I show how you can live in victory over temptation.

The seventh chapter of Romans declares that we have died with Christ to the Law and then describes the defeat we are surely to experience if we try to make the law the foundation of our Christian lives.

Romans 8 tells us of the power of the Holy Spirit, and how nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.

The study notes have extensive commentary on Romans 5, the first half of Romans 6 and then outlines and interpretation helps for the rest of the passage.

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When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?

How can I know for sure that Christ is actually being seen in me? If I can't assume that busy activities are the deciding factor, and if I can't trust my fluctuating feelings to reassure me, what do I rely on? What does Christ living through me really look like, and how can I know for sure He is truly being seen in me? The clarifying answer is found in When is Christ Being Seen in Us?

I not only present what I think this answer is, I also have two charts with much biblical information in them that support the answer in detail.

The goal is not merely to struggle to imitate Christ with self effort and good intentions. The true and ultimate goal is to experience the character of Christ living His life within you, a far different focus. Only Christ can reproduce Himself in you, and the insightful truths in this book will lead you toward the greatest freedom of all: abundant life in Christ.

New and improved edition after feedback from classes and four editors.

Who Cares Who I Am? Who Cares What My Needs and Problems Are?

God is the only Being in the universe who completely cares about who you are, can supply your needs and work through your problems. This booklet will show you that He has done far more than you realize to prove this to you! Have you concluded by this time in your life that you don't need a superficial, oversimplified view of yourself and a shallow answer to your problems? If you are at this point, read this booklet. This booklet answers these personal questions by carefully and simply presenting the answer in Christ Himself. I will show that God loved and cared enough for us to give us a new identity and meet our deepest needs through our spiritual union with Jesus Christ.

This booklet is small - pocket or purse size - so you can easily carry it with you to study yourself and give to others. The writing style is direct, just what I'd say to you if I could speak to you face-to-face. I also illustrate the important facts from the Bible with a series of diagrams.

Learn more fully what it means to be loved and empowered through a vital relationship that could be called knowing Christ as your life.

Even if you know this basic message so well that you don't need another explanation of it, this booklet will provide you with a means of sharing that message to other people, even if you don't have the opportunity to talk to them extensively.

Updated 2019

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