The Good News of the New Covenant: Law Has Been Transcended by Grace - Teaching on Video DVD

By John E. Best, ThD.

Don't let this lofty title intimidate you. This teaching is a gem of powerful insights into the ways and purposes of God for your life.

Walk into the pages of God’s ancient and Old Covenant commandments as He shows you your desperate need for a Savior. Then walk into the promises of His New Covenant of grace where you can find abundant life and true fellowship with Christ. You will be enabled to differentiate between the teachings of Law and teachings of grace throughout the entire Bible, and that will bring God's transforming renewal to your mind, just like He promised. You will see how knowing that the New Covenant was established at the death of Christ, not at his birth, gives you a powerful tool in understanding some of the teachings of Jesus. Passages of Scripture that have seemed difficult to apply will becomeclearer.

Most of us think God's purpose is for us to keep the Old Covenant commandments more perfectly now that Christ is living in us. But that's law. That's not grace.

In addition to clarifying law and grace issues, I will share some of the implications that these have for the Lord's Supper, living truly under the grace system, avoiding sin, our being truly righteous and preoccupation with Christ alone.

Discover God's perfect design of grace for you now by listening to my teaching on The Good News of the New Covenant!

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