The Biblical Evidence for your New Human Spirit - Audio CD

The Biblical Evidence for Your New Human Spirit

Who are you really? You are everything God says you are in His Word, the Bible. When He identifies you this way, He is speaking to your new human spirit that you became when you were born again (John 3:6).

Now on this recording, John Best gives you in his public teachings, the main reasons we can rest assured that we have this identity in our spirit, no matter what else is true of us.

This CD will give you an easy way to take this teaching with you. It is from the big first half of John's new book : Exploring the Treasure of your New Human Spirit.

The most important points of biblical evidence for our new human spirit are taught. This will benefit you personally and will give you great material to share with others. The four biggest points are arranged in an acrostic for easy remembering.

For more information on the topic go to the section of this website on the book.

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