Romans 6-8 (Audio CD)

Superb Spiritually Transforming Truths of Romans 6—8

Romans is the greatest and most influential of all Paul’s epistles, the first great work of Christian theology. This doctrinal exposition of the meaning of the cross of Christ has had an immense effect on the thought of the West from Augustine’s time on. It was the bulwark of the Reformation, the great corrective against the errors of medieval Catholicism, the protective against modern cultism. The divinely revealed gospel of God in Romans is the antidote for the babel of false gospels of our day or any day. Called the profoundest and yet the simplest document, the epistle is for sinful mankind as it is. It points out how lost, helpless humanity can find deliverance in Christ and what this deliverance includes.

All of this is carefully explained

by John Best

on his new CD Set on Romans 6—8

Here is the major promise of Romans 6:1—7:6

The power of new life coming from our union with Christ in His death and resurrection results in victory over the power of sin. It is startlingly true that God has made a provision for us to never have to sin. This is powerfully presented along with a warning to not be deceived into taking freedom from the law as permission for sin (a dangerous slip back into bondage).

Here is the central message of Romans 7:7-25

The nature of this new life and way of life is seen in contrast to the Old Covenant’s production of death and an opportunity for the power of sin to tempt us to further defeat and frustration.

Here is the chief proclamation of Romans 8:1-17

The Holy Spirit united to our new spirit is the power to live in new life even while we are still in dead and unredeemed bodies.


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