The Wisest Giver

The Wisest Giver: An Eternal Story for all Ages

The Wisest Giver is an awesome, grace-based extended parable.

It begins with a community of perfect, loving people but then walks through the fall, salvation, the discovery of grace, and then living out that grace in daily relationships. The Wisest Giver is fresh, unique, important, and well worth the read. You’ll love it.   Todd Mueller, pastor, editor, and author of The Bible in America and Take Your Best: Do Something Bigger Than Yourself.

It is a fascinating and unique tool for telling children and adults the most important things for them to know and experience:  The exchanged life.  This vital message is illustrated by means of this story.

Parents and grandparents, teachers and leaders will treasure it. Christ as life is explained clearly and lovingly. Our supplies are limited.

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