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Excerpts from this wonderful exposition of Romans 6:1-14

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New Source of Life and Identity

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Did We Miss Something 
at the Cross?

John Best's Comments

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How to Interpret the 
Bible By Grace
Fourth Expanded 
Research Edition

I have expanded this important book to include "how to do it" ideas for doing your own Bible word study. Many of the words in the Greek text of the New Testament are full of meaning. Sometimes I am asked by people who do not know the Greek language how to find out what a word means in Greek. If you have wanted to do this, this new chapter will help you to do so by giving you several strategies and describing the use of various significant reference tools.

I've also improved some things in the rest of the book. In the first chapter I give you helpful "Guidelines" to understanding the Bible from the perspective of God's grace. There are many books on Bible study methods, but I think this section of my new book blazes a new trail by having more of an emphasis upon grace than any other Bible study methods book that I am aware of.

In fact, I have a whole ten-page description of "the Good News of the New Covenant" showing how "Law has been Transcended by Grace" and how that will help you in handling some difficult passages of Scripture. I also have a whole chapter on "Bible Reference Books and Commentaries," how to select them and how to use them with discernment.  I finish the book with the chapter that answers the question "Is Greek for You?"

Remember this fourth edition of the book has the additional chapter I described earlier that shows you how to find Greek word meanings.

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Learn from the greatest 
passage on walking with Christ 
in the whole Bible.

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of ROMANS 6—8

Here is the major promise of Romans 6:1—7:6

The power of new life coming from our union with Christ in His death and Resurrection results in victory over the power of sin. 

It is startlingly true that God has made a provision for us to never have to sin. 

This is powerfully presented along with a warning to not be deceived into taking freedom from the law as permission for sin (a dangerous slip back into bondage).

Here is the central message of Romans 7:7-25

The nature of this new life and way of life is seen in contrast to the Old Covenant’s production of death and an opportunity for the power of sin to tempt us to further defeat and frustration. 

Here is the chief proclamation of Romans 8:1-16

The Holy Spirit, united to our new spirit, is the power to live in new life even while we are still in "dead" and unredeemed bodies. 

All of this is carefully explained 

by John Best 

on his new CDs and DVDs on Romans 6—8

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Exchanged Lives!

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of 30 life stories about 
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Book and Talking Book

A Most Encouraging Book About 
Reflecting Christ

This book will answer a question that many of us 
struggle with, “How can I know for sure that Christ is 
actually being seen in me?” The biblical insights in 
this book will be encouraging to you in your heart’s 
desire that Christ be seen in you. 

Note that this printed book is now $10, 
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Introducing Our Very First Talking Book!
For those of you who enjoy listening to a book 
rather than reading a printed page, we are now 
beginning to offer my books in an audio book format.

Our first talking book, 
When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?
is beautifully read by Diana Sollars. This talking book 
will answer these questions about the abundant 
life of Christ being seen in us in a way that is 
encouraging and empowering. Enjoy the truths 
of the Scripture in this talking book and 
experience the unveiling of the life of Christ 
within you, the true hope of glory! 

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