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    Book and 
    Talking Book

    This book will answer a question that many of us struggle with, “How can I know for sure that Christ is actually being seen in me?” The biblical insights in this book will be encouraging to you in your heart’s desire that Christ be 
    seen in you. 

    Note that this printed book is $10, 
    the same new price as the talking book.

    Introducing Our Very First Talking Book!
    For those of you who enjoy listening to a book rather than reading a printed page, we are now beginning to offer my books in an audio book format.

    Our first talking book, When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?, is beautifully read by Diana Sollars. This talking book will answer these questions about the abundant life of Christ being seen in us in a way that is encouraging and empowering. Enjoy the truths of the Scripture in this talking book and experience the unveiling of the life of Christ within you, the true hope of glory! 

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    New Important Book:
    To Connect to Pastors

    Many of us have wondered if there is a book that we can give to our pastor that will share the message of Christ as life on a level that a pastor can connect with. This is that kind of book because it has first person accounts of over 36 fellow pastors themselves and leaders of other Christian organizations. The similar thread of each of these stories is this: through being made teachable, often through brokenness and hard situations, Christians leaders like myself have found that the facts of the Bible have come alive in a personal way (my story is also in this book). These pastors and Christians leaders thus will convey to your pastor that they are coming from a similar situation as he is.

    Each of them tells of how their ministry has been effected as the leader's own life has been transformed and empowered.  

    Price for this book is only $12.95.
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    How to Interpret the 
    Bible By Grace
    Fourth Expanded 
    Research Edition

    I have expanded this important book to include "how to do it" ideas for doing your own Bible word study. Many of the words in the Greek text of the New Testament are full of meaning. Sometimes I am asked by people who do not know the Greek language how to find out what a word means in Greek. If you have wanted to do this, this new chapter will help you to do so by giving you several strategies and describing the use of various significant reference tools.

    I've also improved some things in the rest of the book. In the first chapter I give you helpful "Guidelines" to understanding the Bible from the perspective of God's grace. There are many books on Bible study methods, but I think this section of my new book blazes a new trail by having more of an emphasis upon grace than any other Bible study methods book that I am aware of.

    In fact, I have a whole ten-page description of "the Good News of the New Covenant" showing how "Law has been Transcended by Grace" and how that will help you in handling some difficult passages of Scripture. I also have a whole chapter on "Bible Reference Books and Commentaries," how to select them and how to use them with discernment.  I finish the book with the chapter that answers the question "Is Greek for You?"

    Remember this fourth edition of the book has the additional chapter I described earlier that shows you how to find Greek word meanings.

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    Additional Options

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    Abundant Living Resources
     is dedicated to helping believers to understand and take hold of 
    our union with Christ.
    I in My Father and you
     in Me
     and I in you.
    Jesus in John 14:20
    The one who joins himself to
     the Lord is one spirit with Him.
    1 Corinthians 6:17 
    Our old man was crucified with Him.
    Romans 6:6a
    God raised us up with Him
     and seated us with Him
    in the heavenly places in Christ.
    Ephesians 2:6

    The truth of the Christian believer's union with Christ 
    in His death, burial, resurrection and exaltation 
    is referred to as "the exchanged life." 
     This freeing and empowering relationship with Jesus 
    was taught by Christ Himself 
    and later explained by the Apostle Paul 
    to whom the  ascended Christ revealed it 
    (see especially Galatians 2:20). 
    Many believers since then have experienced 
    and shared this 
    intimacy with God with others.
    Following in that scriptural and historic train, this site provides resources, including books, CDs, and DVDs of Dr.John Best's teaching and training for those that would like to enter into the fullness of the abundant life Christ offers and
    learn to 
    share Him with others. 

    Because the purpose of Abundant Living Resources is to distribute materials as widely as possible, we are reducing of some of the books in order to increase the numbers of sales.  We would rather see the books widely read 
    than to make as much money as possible.

    Who Cares Who I Am?

    Reduced price for this basic book of the exchanged life is $2.00 instead of the former price of $4.00.
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    The Cross of Christ:
    The Center of Scripture, Your Life and Ministry

    Reduced price for this basic book of the exchanged life 
    and its study guide is now $17.00 instead of $20.00.
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    Exchanged Lives!

    Reduced price for this basic book of the exchanged life is $10.00 instead of the former price of $14.00. 
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