Endorsements of John Best's Consulting and Teaching


Grace Life International   Charlotte, NC

Dear John, 

Thank you for your powerful ministry to our staff on our most recent retreat. Your personal intimacy

with God was very evident. Your understanding of the Biblical emphasis of the cross of Christ in

Scripture as it relates to understanding the Exchanged Life (New Covenant), was superior to anyone

whom I have ever heard teach.


Your ability to communicate clearly, exuberantly and with great passion was wonderful. The Biblical

truths you taught us were laced with very personal application and also helped equip our staff in

practical ways to help us minister more effectively. I believe that our staff especially enjoyed being

able to send you questions ahead of time and have you answer them in the group setting.


Any organization, especially in the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries would be very blessed,

challenged and encouraged by your teaching. I look forward to having you back to minister to our

staff in the future.


Sincerely in Christ,

Mark Maulding



Scope Ministries International   Oklahoma City, OK


Dear John, 

We deeply appreciate the time you spent with us at Scope Ministries. The two messages which

you delivered to our staff, Galatians 2.20 and the Centrality of the Cross were outstanding. One of

our senior staff member remarked, "Everything Dr. Best taught was in full agreement with the message we have been teaching throughout our history". The Lord used your visit to confirm, strengthen and deepen our understanding of the message of His great love demonstrated through Christ.


One concept I particularly benefited from was the encouragement to not let the message of the Cross

of our Lord Jesus slip from the central place in our ministry to others. It is easy to become preoccupied with teaching people Biblically friendly methods to improve their lives while letting our identification with Christ slip into a place of being just a theological concept. People need to see how vital being "In Christ" is in our moment-by-moment walk with the Father.


The various ways you made yourself available to our staff was truly a God send. The sessions with our entire staff has given us a renewed focus on the central message of the finished and on going work of Christ. The small group sessions where some sat in and listened to you help individuals with particular questions were really great. Last, the one-on-one time with you that some took advantage of, including me, is proving to be powerful in our growth and encouragement.


John, I would heartily recommend to any organization to take advantage of an opportunity to have you spend time with their staff. Your wisdom and insight would be a great benefit to them corporately and with individuals who have particular questions of Biblical interpretation. My staff and I value the time with you very much. Thank you.



Bruce Barteaux