The Marvelous Exchange - Discovering the Power of Union with Christ

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By Dick Flaten 
The subtitles to this book tell a lot. “Discovering the Power of Spiritual Union
with Christ,” “An Exposition of Romans 6:1-14.”  This book is very needed
because in it Pastor Flaten “presents the key to triumphant Christian living:
knowing and counting on what God has already accomplished at the cross
of Christ. . . what He did [there] in us because of our spiritual union with Him
in His death and resurrection” (from the back cover and page xii).


The author’s treatment of these crucial truths from this vital passage is warm,
clear and helpful.  He wrote with the tone of a loving pastor, which he was for
almost 20 years.


Pastor Flaten wisely chose the New American Standard Bible (as I also have)
for the careful exposition that he wanted to do.  At the end of several sections
he composed enlightening “summary paraphrases” which are freer than the
NASB and allow him to weave into the text his explanatory thoughts.


He has many beneficial quotations which are especially good from John Murray, Martyn Lloyd-Jones and
David Needham, all of which have done extensive work in Romans six from an identity in union with Christ


The book ends strongly with three very useful appendices; “Living in Dependence Upon God,”  “Old Man vs.
New Man,” and “Freedom from the Law.”


I had the honor of knowing Dick Flaten well as a friend and fellow staff member at Exchanged Life Ministries
Texas.  He lived out of his spiritual union with Christ in his everyday life even as cancer slowly took his
physical life from him.  It is no surprise to me that, with the able assistance of Greg Smith, he produced this
exposition that is warm, clear and helpful.  - John Best


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