From Pastors to Pastors

Many of us have wondered if there is a book that we can give to our pastor that will share the message of Christ as life that is on a level that a pastor can connect with.  The book we are featuring is that kind of book because it has first person accounts of over 36 fellow pastors themselves and leaders of other Christian organizations.

The similar thread that each of these stories has is this:  through being made teachable, often through brokenness and hard situations, Christians leaders like myself have found that the facts of the Bible
have come alive in a personal way (my story is also in this book).  These pastors and Christians leaders thus will convey to your pastor that they are coming
from a similar situation as he is.

Each of them tells of how their ministry has been effected as the leader's own life has been transformed and empowered.

Here is more from the back cover of the book by Charles R. Solomon.

"In counseling with pastors over the years, I find they are unsung heroes.  Then, when they encounter difficulties in life, in family, or in ministry, admitting the need for help can be not only a personal dilemma, but also a professional hazard!  The option of seeking psychological help is more acceptable than receiving spiritual ministry since the pastor, by definition, is supposed to have all those answers as "a man of the cloth".  The modern Church has not accepted the fact that there is a spiritual resolution available for most of the maladies that are commonly accepted as pathology of the psyche.

When the Spirit does not meet a leader at his extremity, he may be unable to articulate that which God has done, or to minister this to his people.  It is our prayer that this volume, by many who have plumbed that depths of despair, will enable readers to profit by identifying with their journey downward to the cross and their breakthrough to live and minister on the resurrection side of the cross for God's glory."

In the book, John Barbieri shares the following:
"My first ministries during and after
seminary were positive.  However, much
 of my ministry was carried out in my
own strength.  When things went well I
 was fine emotionally; when criticism or
conflict came I was devastated.  I believed
 that my value as a person and before God
 was based on how well I did, how far the
 church ministry progressed and how much
 others loved and accepted me.  As you
can imagine I was not a 'happy Camper'
most of the time."

Dr. Lee turner also shares:
" I was caught up in a legalistic performance
and tried to be the perfect Christian.
 I witnessed at every opportunity, read and
memorized great portions of Scripture,
 and was active in many of the Church
.  I was spiritual and proud of it. 

Legalism manifested in many external ways. 
During this time I didn't know my identity
 in Christ, and couldn't live a transparent life
 by allowing Christ to live His life through me.
  I was afraid that if people saw me as myself

 they wouldn't have anything to do with me.
  In addition to my legalistic, prideful, performance,
 I manufactured a defense mechanism
 to make sure people liked me.

I had a new car about every year, wore custom
made clothes, sharpened my personality
by being an assistant teacher in Dale
Carnegie Courses, read every book I could
 on positive thinking and how to be successful.
 At the time, I thought I was only doing all
 these things because I was gifted and
successful.  After understanding the
'exchanged life', I realized they were only
making up for a poor self image."

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