When Is Christ Being Seen in Us? Teaching on Video DVD



How can I know for sure that Christ is actually being seen in me? If I can't assume

that busy activities are the deciding factor, and if I can't trust my fluctuating feelings

to reassure me, what do I rely on? What does Christ living through me really look

like, and how can I know for sure He is truly being seen in me? The clarifying

answer is found in my teaching on When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?

The goal is not to struggle to imitate Christ with self effort and good intentions.

The true and ultimate goal is to experience the character of Christ living His life within

you, a far different focus. Only Christ can reproduce Himself in you, and the insightful

truths in this teaching will lead you toward the greatest freedom of all: abundant life in




For more information on this subject, please see the Audio CD and book by the same title.

Price: $9.00