God's Total Acceptance of Us In Christ

                                                                                                                                                                                              2 CD Set


Have you experienced rejection?

Have you longed for acceptance?

Have you wondered just what is acceptance?

Do you feel accepted by God?

Are you accepted by God?

You’ll find these important questions addressed by John Best in his teaching! 

First, he will show you what acceptance really is.

Then he’ll explore the qualities people of the world look for in others before they will accept someone. You will probably conclude that you've had a lot more rejection than acceptance from these people.

Next, John will show the great contrast between the world’s basis for acceptance and God’s for us.  Various Scriptures will be carefully explained. You’ll see as the title of this CD says, “God's total acceptance of us in Christ."

Since God's way of accepting us is hard for some people to accept, John will demonstrate how vital this is to us personally.

Several illustrations of John and others encourage you to see the practical value of God's acceptance of you.

These teachings were given on four occasions, advancing this crucial truth from the Bible. So two CDs are used to fully develop this personal, important subject.