When Is Christ Being Seen in Us? - PDF

How can I know for sure that Christ is actually being seen in me? If I can't assume
that busy activities are the deciding factor, and if I can't trust my fluctuating feelings
to reassure me, what do I rely on?  What does Christ living through me really look like,
and how can I know for sure He is truly being seen in me?  The clarifying answer is
found in When Is Christ Being Seen in Us?
I not only present what I think this answer is, I also have two charts with much biblical
information in them that support the answer in detail.
The goal is not to struggle to imitate Christ with self effort and good intentions. The true
and ultimate goal is to experience the character of Christ living His life within you, a far
different focus. Only Christ can reproduce Himself in you, and the insightful truths in
this book will lead you toward the greatest freedom of all: abundant life in Christ.
More about this book:
Earlier I said that your activities and feelings can't give you an accurate indication of whether Christ is being seen in you.
There could also be other issues making it hard to tell. For instance, if you live or work with someone who is critical of you
it is natural to wonder if Christ is being seen in you!
Or perhaps the criticism comes from within. If you have a sensitive conscience and a tendency to be critical of yourself,
this question about Christ being recognized in you may be most frustrating and painful. But it doesn't have to be a problem:
this book will answer these questions about the abundant life of Christ being seen in us in a way that is encouraging
and empowering.
I develop two in-depth charts revealing the endearing character of Jesus as He is described in the Gospel accounts and
1 Corinthians 13, the quintessential chapter on love, and Galatians 5:22-23, the listing of the fruit of His Spirit. The next chart
combines insights from the first chart with Jesus teachings in Matthew 5:3-12. I illustrate the principal point of the book with
two helpful modern day people’s stories. A short bibliography is included to point you to other volumes on the Christ centered
life. The book concludes with indices to both the Scriptures and the topics in the book.
I taught from an earlier edition of this book several times in the last few years, inviting feedback. I combined this input with
helpful suggestions from a group of four editors who looked it over very carefully. The result is the new and improved
second edition!
Enjoy the truths of the Scripture in this book and experience the unveiling of the life of Christ within you, the true hope of glory!

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